The WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) is a group of higher executives that collectively decide the bare minimum standards that a student needs to achieve in order to be credited with the certification of a particular skill level.

Wrstc Diver

Like I care who they are?

Well, you should care!  Before you search for an instructor, it’s important to understand the difference in agencies since you’re going to be trained, using one of their philosophies. Understanding that the agencies need to teach to the standards of WRSTC  means, you mostly only need to be concerned about how they teach the skills.  Being accredited by the WRSTC is not special. Most agencies in the world are either part of the sitting board, or accredited by them.


Both agencies offer the same Open Water Diver certification.  Difference is how they teach the class and how they control the quality of instruction you receive from your Dive Pro.

I've got the power!

Each agency has a different path to success, and many instructors prefer one over the other for one reason or another.  There is no magic recipe, there is no perfect agency, your skills and your future will come directly from the Dive Center and instructor you choose. Some agencies will prefer to use hard copy manuals and issue plastic cards, others will have digital learning aides and digital certification cards.  Some agencies will have a natural progression that they process you through, others will allow you to diversify as you choose. You have the power!


Out of control

Having the WRSTC alleviates the need for federal government intervention to insure safety. Your chosen local dive shop and your decision on who you pick to train with will determine how successful you are at achieving your goals in diving.  I know we hate to be controlled,  but in the case of scuba standards, it’s a good thing to have a group that control the standards required to become a certified diver.

Co Author: Erik Augustine

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