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Indy Dive Center Resort

Diver Registration

Indy Dive Center provides weekend scuba diving opportunities inside France Park. All divers must be registered to dive at France Park.

Features & Services

General parking is available for free.  Located just a short distance from the Dive Resort check in counter.  Please check in prior to dropping off your scuba gear.

Free Wifi is available to all park visitors.  Please ask one of our Dive Team members for login information.

Divers are welcome to back down to Dive Resort to drop off their scuba equipment.  Please unload equipment as quickly as possible and move vehicle to a designated parking spot.  This allows the next diver to drop their gear off. Complete the check in process prior to dropping off your equipment. 

Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and most debit cards with Mastercard/Visa logo.

The Indy Dive Resort offers Open Air changing facilities.  Attached to the North end of of the dive pavilion.

Provided designated kit-up stations allowing the diver to assemble their equipment.  Our stations are designed to mimic a dive boat solution, except they’re more spacious. The Indy Dive Center is not responsible for items lost or stolen.

Enjoy a day of diving and exploring Kenneth Quarry.  Run the lines and see attractions such as…  Multiple boats, underwater communication center, fish habitats, a snowmobile, a plane & school bus.  Plus several other items.  Make sure to ride the Hippo and say hi to Catfish Steve!

Entering the water couldn’t be more simple.  Our kit-up stations are located just a few step from the waters edge.  Our designated entry point offers a casual descent allowing you to easily don those last few items, such as Fins, Hood and Gloves prior to dropping beneath the water.

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Diver Registration