There are many reasons to become a mermaid or merman; however, if you have never tried mermaiding before, here’s why.  Expand your love for the water by enrolling in an SSI Mermaid Training Program today!  Mermaids are the things of legends, mysticism, and beauty. Every little girl grows up dreaming of becoming a mermaid, and now with the popularity of movies like Aquaman, so do little boys.  Those dreams stay with us as we grow older – the desire to be one with the water, moving gracefully and swiftly with the stroke of a single tail. Increasing popularity surrounding the mystical world of mermaids has brought the production of mermaid tails and fins main-stream.

Mermaids Are Amazing, 6 Reasons Why!

The swish of a Mermaids' Tail

SSI Mermaid

Swimming as a mermaid is one of the most graceful things you can do. You will find that much power exists within the single flick of your mermaid fin. Mermaid swimming is not only a fast and graceful way to explore the underwater world, but it is also great exercise.  Using the dolphin kick required when utilizing a monofin not only works nearly every muscle group in your legs but is also a great cardiovascular workout. If you like to swim for exercise, mermaid swimming brings a new, fun aspect to what can sometimes become a monotonous activity.

Mermaid Pod communities

Joining a “mermaid pod” is not only really fun but brings many new friendships. A mermaid pod is what you call a group of mermaids, and once you take your SSI Mermaid Training course, you will find that many mermaid pods meet up regularly all over the world! If you are looking for a new, fun activity to make new friends and travel to new, exciting places, mermaiding is for you!

grace and poise


With their long, beautiful tails, flowing hair, and undulating dolphin kicks, mermaids are one of the most graceful looking creatures in the water. Training to be a mermaid is a form of freediving where you will use a mer-fin and tail cover. Once you learn how to properly use your mertail in your SSI Mermaid Training program, you will be swimming with grace and poise underwater in no time. Mastering the art of swimming in mer-equipment is a rewarding challenge.

stunning images

From mermaid make-up to what seems like unlimited choices of mermaid tails, living your mermaid fantasies is about as fun as it gets. By taking SSI’s Mermaid Model program, you will learn the best tips and tricks to modeling underwater as a mermaid. Mermaid photographs and videos make stunning images and fun memories. 

bubble kisses

You may not have given much thought to the skill level involved in becoming a mermaid, but there are many fun skills to master in the art of mermaiding. In your SSI Mermaid program, you will learn many mermaid skills from blowing bubble kisses and bubble hearts to performing graceful somersaults and barrel rolls all while underwater.

Joys of being a mermaid


The most fun a mermaid can have is sharing the fantastic world of mermaiding with non-mermaids. Watching the joy on someone’s face the first time they swim with a mermaid tail is a rewarding experience. SSI Professional Mermaid Instructors can have lucrative and unique adventures sharing the world of mermaiding at Try Mermaid birthday parties, conducting mermaid classes, and running Mermaid Modeling sessions. Take your mermaid adventures to the next level by becoming an SSI Mermaid Instructor.

Content origin:  Mermaid Divessi

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